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Over the last few years, Zwinq developed into being a market leader in the area of fleet and fuel management. We offer solutions for fuelling stations in the retail and for companies who manage their own fuel, the home base solution. These solutions are being developed in consultation with the customer, by our team of highly educated professionals, with extensive experience in the automation and IT-branch.

We have a drive to be the forerunner and this results in creative and innovative solutions for our customers, where data, energy and efficiency are key. In order to further expand our position as market leader, we focus on our core values. These core values form the basis of our company and make us unique in what we do.


We are a market leader in the fleet and fuel management industry. We can manage this by developing premium and effective solutions, whereas there is strong focus on providing the right support.


Our innovative character and our partnerships ensure that we can manage to find a solution for any problem. This means that customers can always rely on us. Creativity and customisation are in our DNA, it is what we always use to help our customers further.


In everything we do, good collaboration is central. By really working together with our customers, we can make any project a success!

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Swayambhu Djwalapersad MSc.
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