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Become a partner of Zwinq and make sure that your customers gain insight in and control over the energy consumption of the vehicle fleet at commercial and own fuelling locations.

As a partner, we help you to offer the best solutions to your customers and we will involve you in the further development of the Zwinq Platform. During the early stages of the partnership, we will obviously learn about all details of the platform and we will help you to better understand your customer. In addition, we will use your input and the input of your customers for the improvement of the Zwinq Platform and the development of new functionalities.

Zwinq Platform

The Zwinq Platform is able to provide the missing link in your service provision towards customers. As a partner of Zwinq, you will be able to manage all tank data (e.g. L, kWh and kg), tank registration systems and all “Homebase” locations of yourself and your customers and combine them into one single platform. This will ensure limitless possibilities in the area of reporting and insight. Zwinq will help you, as a partner, to “cash in” on these insights, so you can help your customers to get control of their own processes and “Homebase” locations. As a partner of Zwinq, you and your customers will also be able to influence the further development of the platform.

One single platform
Manager Homebase locations
Extensive reports
Process optimization
Influence on further development
Tank registration overview

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