Automate and improve your business processes

In any operation where vehicles, equipment and their drivers play a major role in the operational costs, controlling these costs is very important.

In any operation where vehicles, equipment and their drivers play a major role in the operational costs, controlling these costs is very important. By automating and improving these processes, substantial efficiency gains can be realised. By using and combining our experience with different customers in different industries, we help to substantially improve the efficiency and quality of management information of our clients and partners. We are confident we can add value and help your company perform better.

Automate the complete chain (from delivery to administration)

The Zwinq solutions enable automation of the entire chain, from the moment you receive your fuel stock (delivery), to administration of the fuel distribution process. The system will document every transaction, control it and enhance/enrich it, all without human interaction. This allows you to monitor and gain insight into your operations, which could, for instance, minimise the risk of fraud. In addition to this, the innovative “Custom Rules” offer the possibility to add enhancements/enrichments of data at asset level. For instance, allocation to cost centres, project codes, etc. Your operational processes will instantly blend in and align with your financial processes as all data can be easily exported, like for like, into your ERP or accounting solution through our APIs.

Consolidation of fuel/energy data

Our platform is able to combine dataflows from different sources, like (commercial) fuel cards, data generated on private fuelling locations, etc. These dataflows are accessible and manageable in a comprehensible, uniform and transparent system (litres as well as kWh, kg, etc.). By combining all data, the Zwinq solutions serve as a source of ERP or accounting solutions. With our solution you can generate one single generic and central overview of all your energy data. This enables you to easily report about the sustainability and efficiency of your vehicle fleet, regardless of the fuel type.

Managing your homebase fuel stations

Our solutions provide transparency and give you full control over all the transactions regarding your homebase fuel station. Our advanced Zwinq platform is at the heart of the automation process, controlling dispensers (in combination with the hardware of our partners), users, fleets and fuel (distribution). This means that only authorised assets and personnel are able to refuel taking into account all pre-set limits and rules (e.g. time, quantity and fuel-type restrictions).

It is possible to use different identification and authorisation methods and to combine them. Possible identification methods are fuel cards, RFID devices and automated vehicle recognition of your fleet. These solutions will save your company time, money and minimise the risk of fraud.


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