Your fleet and fuel management fully under control

Your fleet and fuel management fully under control

Stay in control of your vehicle fleet and fuel stations using the Zwinq solutions. The various modules within our platform provide you with different control mechanisms to optimise the performance of your fleet(s).

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How does Zwinq add value?

  • You gain full control over energy consumption and distribution (fuel stations, tank trucks and fleet(s)) using our innovative solutions.
  • You can consolidate your fuel/energy data; by combining different dataflows and data sources you can gain insight into a range of KPIs. For instance: carbon footprint, operating costs and fuel efficiency.
  • Lets you automate planning of maintenance according to configurable real-world parameters such as odometer values. Analyses of the available data make it possible to perform predictive maintenance.
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  • Gives you remote management of your fuel stock and assets.
  • Saves you costs as a result of improved efficiency, improved insights and prevention of fraud.
  • Gives you a direct link (machine to machine) to other systems, without human interaction, through our APIs.
  • Lets you export all relevant data in versatile formats (e.g. JSON, CSV, XLSX).
  • 24/7 helpdesk to minimise operational downtime

Our solution provides a single overview for all operational needs. Our customisable dashboard ensures that information is relevant and always available. This module also provides a transaction overview that can easily be accessed and exported. Would you like more control as to how much, what, where or when assets can refuel? It’s easy: fuel limits or location restrictions per asset are among the parameters you can set so that your fleet(s) and stations become more manageable.

The Zwinq solution enables fleet managers to change their management style. Instead of worrying about applying administrative preventative measures, they can focus more on control and decision making by using the management information provided by the system. All administrative processes are managed by the system, making it the perfect tool for fleet managers.

A driver’s behaviour is of great influence on the energy consumption. This applies to traditional combustion engines, but even to electric vehicles to a larger extent. Making this behaviour transparent by using the Eco module is the first step in improving fuel efficiency and making your fleet(s) more sustainable.

The Fleet module enables you to manage your fleet(s) and assets in an efficient and simple manner. All administrative processes concerning your fleet(s) and assets can be managed here (block or unblock assets or add more information). For instance, it is possible to group equivalent assets into clusters that are logical to your organisation  which, in turn, can help optimise reporting. Do you make use of ‘Two-Stage Authorisation’, where driver identification is mandatory in addition to asset identification? Then you can also manage your drivers in this module.

Automate the maintenance planning of your vehicle fleet using the Maintenance Module. Based on mileage, time intervals and/or operating hours of the asset in question, it is possible to set specific parameters for maintenance. When the preconfigured mileage is reached real-time alerts on maintenance levels are generated and sent to the appointed users. All maintenance requests can also be viewed and managed in the request overview page. Using this module, you will always be aware of which assets require maintenance. This could result in significant cost savings and reduce operational downtime.

With the Station module, you can manage the energy distribution for your vehicle fleet. You can get real-time insight into all your fuel stock levels and automatically receive notifications at pre-configured tank levels. This can be done on the basis of our virtual TLS, without the need to purchase expensive hardware. As the output is measured and registered through dispensers and our station controllers, tank levels can be calculated using our smart algorithms. As this is a virtual level it is an indication of the current tank levels.

For more complex operations a hardware TLS may need to be installed in the tank besides our virtual TLS. Most common TLS hardware is supported.

Registration of fuel deliveries in the Zwinq platform enables our clients to register their fuel distribution and allows for accurate reconciliation of energy costs.

Also for your organisation we have a solution! Are you curious which solutions these are? We will be happy to provide you with a demo.

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