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Keep control of your vehicle fleet and station using the solutions of Zwinq. Our solutions will ensure you to be in complete control. Discover in which way our modules are able to help you.

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What does Zwinq have to offer you?

  • You will be given full control over the energy consumption and distribution (fuelling station, tank lorries and vehicle fleet) by means of our innovative software-solutions.
  • Consolidate your fuelling/energy data; by combining different dataflows, you will gain insight in you major KPI’s. For instance: CO2-footprint, operating costs and fuel efficiency.
  • Manage your fuel stocks and vehicles remotely.
  • Automated planning of vehicle fleet maintenance.
  • Cost-savings as a result of improved efficiency, insight and prevention of fraud.
  • Direct link to other systems, without human involvement
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One single overview for all operational needs. This is the reason our Overview module was created. Our adjustable dashboard ensures that information  relevant to you – is always available. In addition, this modules provides a transaction overview that can easily be accessed and exported. Would you like more control as to how many, where or when vehicles can refuel? That is possible! By equipping your vehicle fleet with limits and other regulations in advance, managing your vehicle fleet and station becomes really easy.

A driver’s conduct is of great influence on the energy consumption of a vehicle. This applies to traditional combustion engines, but even to electric vehicles to a larger extent. Should someone brake less hard, gear down or let the vehicle roll more often? Making this behaviour insightful by means of the Eco module is the first step in improving the consumption or making your vehicle fleet more sustainable.

The Fleet module allows you to manage your fleet efficiently and easily. All administrative matters concerning your vehicles, can be entered here. It is possible, for instance, to classify vehicles into groups that are logical to your organisation. You can also block or deblock vehicles or add more information, enhancing the analyses. Do you make use of ‘Two-Stage Authorization’? Then you can also manage your drivers in this system.

Automate the maintenance planning of your vehicle fleet using the Maintenance Module. On the basis of mileage, time intervals and/or operating hours of the vehicle, it is possible to decide your own rules for maintenance. When, subsequently, the level of maintenance that you programmed is reached, all persons involved will receive a notification for a maintenance request. All maintenance requests can be clearly viewed and implemented. Using this module, you will always be aware exactly on time which vehicles require maintenance. This could result in significant cost savings.

With the Station module, you can manage the energy distribution for your vehicle fleet. You can get real-time insight in all your stocks and receive notifications automatically at previously set tank levels. This can be done on the basis of our virtual TLS and thus without the need to purchase expensive hardware, but by means of connections with the most common measuring system for tank content. Administering your deliveries in the Zwinq system, in addition to the registration of your energy distribution, allows for reconciliation of the energy costs.

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