Municipality of Amsterdam

Fraud prevention, data consolidation and improved efficiency
Municipality of Amsterdam the Netherlands – Europe Government
Petrol stations:
(home base solution and retail)
18 + 14
Vehicles under management:880
Annually processed fuel:3,9 M L
Annual savings:15%


  • Increased fuel expenses (OPEX) as a consequence of fraud (fraud with vehicle fleet pass)
  • Long administrative process
  • Too long a lead time before the management information becomes available
  • Combination of home base solution and solution for retail (commercial)

“Zwinq assisted us in assigning the consumption to the right equipment and cost centres and in eliminating fraud. They have provided us with a great automated solution, enabling us to manage our vehicle fleet and the fuel consumption real-time. The result: better management information reporting, that can be drawn up much more quickly, better insight in the behaviour of our fleet and a fuel OPEX-reduction of 15%. And also, in terms of sustainability, we can now take steps, using this solution.
In addition to improvements in the development, we are also impressed by the integration of this solution in our own Fleet Management System (Ultimo), the continuous improvement of the BI reporting and dashboards, as well as the integration and optimisation of our projects in the Zwinq solution.”

Erik Van Eig (Fleet manager)