The branches we work for

Our clients are active in many different industries, each having their own specialised equipment or machinery. All these different assets fulfil a major role in the business processes of our clients in a variety of industries. Our platform treats every asset in the same way, making it possible to manage all these different elements in a similar manner. This greatly improves efficiency, which in turn leads to cost reduction. The majority of our customers operate in the transport industry (both public and private), government institutions & municipalities, and heavy industry such as mining and oil & gas industries.

Heavy industry

Companies operating in the heavy industry sector often operate in challenging environments and usually have a diverse pool of vehicles and equipment. These harsh conditions often go hand in hand with high fuel consumption, which makes accurate control and registration very important. Our innovative solutions give insight into the various operations and make it possible to control them and prevent fraud. These companies have improved insight into their operations by combining dataflows and data sources on different levels, using our solutions. Hardware in the field, connected to our software, makes detailed monitoring and control at asset level possible.

Government (public sector)

Government institutions & municipalities often manage a variety of vehicles and equipment. Due to the wide range of operations they are used in, it is often difficult to obtain an overview and get a handle on energy consumption of the fleet(s). Insights and control over their operations can be achieved by combining dataflows and data sources using our solutions.


Transport (public and private)

The high mileage and high fuel consumption make it crucial for companies in these sectors to operate as efficiently as possible. The management of vehicles and the level of fuel efficiency among drivers (e.g. driving behaviour) are a crucial part of their operational excellence and for the success of these companies. Our software will help your organisation to improve efficiency, in terms of vehicle management as well as monitoring driver behaviour.

Would you like more insight in and control over your vehicle fleet? We can offer a solution for your branch as well! Are you curious how? We will be happy to provide a demo.

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