Optimise your fleet and fuel management

Optimise your fleet and fuel management

Our solutions help you monitor and optimise the management processes of your fleet and stations. We are able to significantly improve the operational efficiency of our clients by integrating dataflows and data sources of fuel or energy transactions and by managing their fuel stations in our platform. This also enables our clients to easily report about sustainability, (fuel) efficiency and other KPIs. With all data easily accessible through our APIs, our clients and partners can incorporate this data in any other processes or systems (e.g. ERP or accounting solution).

You can gain insight into and manage the energy consumption of your fleet. Transactions originating both from commercial and private (homebase) fuel stations are integrated in one clear overview. Our innovative solutions enable correct, accurate, and timely reporting, without human interaction. Gain insight into the cost of ownership, sustainability KPIs (like your carbon footprint), fuel savings and many other KPIs of your fleet(s). These insights help fleet managers to improve efficiency and to increase control leading to a cost reduction.

How does Zwinq add value?

  • You gain full control over energy consumption and distribution (fuel stations, tank trucks and fleet(s)) using our innovative solutions.
  • You can consolidate your fuel/energy data; by combining different dataflows and data sources you can gain insight into a range of KPIs. For instance: carbon footprint, operating costs and fuel efficiency.
  • Lets you automate planning of maintenance according to configurable real-world parameters such as odometer values. Analyses of the available data make it possible to perform predictive maintenance.
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  • Gives you remote management of your fuel stock and assets.
  • Saves you costs as a result of improved efficiency, improved insights and prevention of fraud.
  • Gives you a direct link (machine to machine) to other systems, without human interaction, through our APIs.
  • Lets you export all relevant data in versatile formats (e.g. JSON, CSV, XLSX).
  • 24/7 helpdesk to minimise operational downtime


Better information leads to better management of your fleet

The Zwinq solutions provide accurate information for timely reporting and control over your fleet(s) and important KPIs. This is important for timely reporting and management, enabling you to make better and more informed decisions.

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Our clients are active in many different industries, each having their own specialised equipment or machinery. All these different assets fulfil a major role in the business processes of our clients in a variety of industries. Our platform treats every asset in the same way, making it possible to manage all these different elements in a similar manner. This greatly improves efficiency, which in turn leads to cost reduction. The majority of our customers operate in the transport industry (both public and private), government institutions & municipalities, and heavy industry such as mining and oil & gas industries.

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In any operation where vehicles, equipment and their drivers play a major role in the operational costs, controlling these costs is very important. By automating and improving these processes, substantial efficiency gains can be realised. By using and combining our experience with different customers in different industries, we help to substantially improve the efficiency and quality of management information of our clients and partners. We are confident we can add value and help your company perform better.

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